“Moon River” and me…..

When I was a young girl in Osaka Japan in 1960’s,

my mom told me how beautiful and adorable Audrey Hepburn was in the movies.

For me “Audrey Hepburn ” represent the beauty of American or Western women and learn to her behavior.

But I never seen anybody move or talk like her in my living surroundings including my mom and teacher at school.

So any way let’s sing with her dry husky voice….

Moon River 🎤

I thought most of American ladies look like her and skinny like her when I was a little girl in Osaka .

So here is my version of ” Moon River ” in Hawaiin piano from Kailua….👗 🗽🍎 🎵

Now Please enjoy my version of “Moon River”
Please click the small arrow and wait till your device load music , it may take for a while…🙏
Audrey Hepburn Painting 1

Now I tried singing together.

please click the small arrow and wait for a moment please….

I am working on better recording with my voice and other system as well as my singing voice training.

Hope you enjoy music and singing with me.🌈

Stay tune for my next production.🎵