#1. 🧠🌈Welcome to mental health healing in the paradise of Kailua, Hawaii.

Do you know anybody who has PTSD or any other psychiatric issue?

Or, do you happen to be a therapist?

There are many things that people with PTSD, including me, really don’t want to experience from our care givers; therapists, family and friends .

I would like to share my real experiences on this island of paradise as mental health immigrant .

First, I would like to mention this to you – there is so little known about the realty of our two psychiatric units on Oahu at Castle Medical Center and Queens Hospital.

One of these facilities opened a new chapter of life for me with mental health and its knowledge.

The other place gave me anger, pain, and a loss in my life.

Let me start by explaining the big difference between those two.

You will find there are so many misunderstandings and misleading assumptions regarding mental crises or PTSD .