#3. 🧠Police and paramedic treated me as if I were criminal when I was trying to recover by myself.

Aloha, have you ever called 911 for your family’s mental health crisis ?

Imagine when you were just finally about to catch your breath and recovery from mental crisis, the Police and paramedic would come to your door and put you had cuffs gave no water and put you in scorching heated police car for more than 20 minuets,

” I can’t breath “

This was my phrase and never being heard until Black life matter came out during pandemic but for me …

This is just a part of the crisis started for me at Punahou circle in Honolulu.

And somehow this building was very special for Hawaii as well as the United States of America somehow….(You know why if you grew up in Hawaii.)

Anyway, I have no idea what type of humanity it is as Hawaii to treat me like criminal when I needed support and understanding by law enforcement and medical professionals.

“When someone called 911 for you are suicidal, you are taken by police with hand cuffs but not being given water and no right to speak any of your feeling.”

You may be left alone in a police car not emebrance with window shut and no water for long time.

IS this treatment for helping hunan mental and physical crisis or make it worse so they would not have to take care of me any more?


I asked them to allow me to have water, since I got panic attack and dry mouth with menopause hot flush.

They said

“Sorry no water….”
I asked why?

They said again,

“No water for you”

They took me to a police car not ambarance.

And left me on the back of police car with out any seat for about 20 minute at parking ( very hot).



Is this good for anything for PTSD or any human being ?

But who knows ?

I called my mother in law, Nancy Nixon to calm my husband down, they never expected to be taken by police with hand cuffs with no water when I was relaxing at home.