Tax Exemption Document is so confusing.🧠😊😅🎤But I stay positive ❤️‍🩹.

Aloha . I have updated. Mr. Sheldon emailed me that he called the tax office and I had to efile through their website. He could not access to the level that which he could file our Tax exemption.

However, now this made my Aspie brain 🧠 clicked a bit. Maybe the mysterious document from Tax office about online access must be the one that has the access code.

I stopped by Kent’s house and we could log in and made new account with ID and other settings.🙏😊

Then where is the place to file Form G-6 ?????

Kent found the form but it is not accessible to fill in nor submit.

I have a slow brain 🧠 but I like to give a cal to ask about G-6 to the office tomorrow.🙏😊🧠☸️

Namu Shinnyo 🙏😊☸️❤️‍🩹🌈🎹