#2. Meditation 🪷 and 🧘 Yoga actually help my nerve pain 🙏瞑想とヨガで神経痛が楽に

Aloha 🪷. Yesterday was my first pain journal .
Today I am more aware of my body and paying attention to what my body tells me .

Yesterday, After I sat on meditation position like when I was in my temple, I noticed the obvious feeling less pain and pressure on my back and chest .

I slept 9 hours last night which is miracle for me ,and this morning I felt like jumping bunny 🐰 .

I went to walk and ended all the way to Kailua Boat 🚤 lump.

My focus was very good and stress level was low all day since I felt less nerve irritation.

And finally now, I finished 30 mins Pelaton 🧘‍♀️ Yoga.
I also gave myself massage on my legs, and arms with Cannabis cream from dispensary.

I think this cream is a bit pricey $40 but worth and cheeper than going to massage.💰🧧

Pain level 1-10 Today 6-4