Hawaiian Santa🌺🎄🤶

Hawaiian Santa is a sight to see

When he comes surfing into Waikiki

He wears a malo ‘round his big ‘ōpū

Singing a Merry Christmas and waving to you

Hawaiian Santa with a great big pack

He climbs the window into your grass shack

He’ll dance the hula ‘round the Christmas tree

Bringing a lot of presents for you and for me

🙏Soft guitars are playing  

Christmas songs that fill the tropic skies

Coco palms are saying:
Santa’s here again in paradise.

 Hawaiian Santa goes around the isle

And does the hula with a great big smile

He waves aloha with a Christmas cheer

Mele Kalikamaka,

and Happy New Year

Mele Kalikamaka ,

Mele Kalikamaka

Mele Kalikamaka

Mele Kalikamaka and Happy New Year “