🧠Healing channel🌈

🧠Healing channel🌈

Mental Health Matters to Hawaii and our peace around us.

The founder Noriko Nixon knows as Kailua Oten in Japanese community has layers of PTSD on top of her Autism Asperger, ADHD and other mental challenges. Those challenges have been affecting her physical function in her everyday life.

But she was bestowed this Non-profit organization ” Madame Mermaid Club”by her Buddha.

She is pleased to share her ongoing survival tools as well as slow recovering process and ideas to make our life as comfortable as possible.

Mental health affect our community especially but not being heard or informed correctly.

Madame Mermaid Club would like to share different perspective about mental health to our community and offer positive ripple effect from our closest point with Noriko Nixon/ Kailua Oten( known in Japanese community ) through her ongoing experience with support people care about mental health.